AnNa 2014-2015 calendar available

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Cartoons from 14 EU Member States on Maritime Single Window (MSW) cartoons have been included in an AnNa 2014-2015 calender. The cartoons are also downloadable.

The AnNa MSW calendar 2014 - 2015 is available for download (1). You can also request a free copy from the AnNa secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

Apart from the calender 2014-2015, you can also obtain hereunder a ZIP file of all cartoons (2), individually you have to go to library chapter Activity 5 national cartoons. The cartoons have also been included in an AnNa publication on MSW (including texts of the AnNa communication plan and the text based on which the cartoonists developed their ideas for the cartoons) (3). A ppt presentation shown during the Maritime Single Window Summit in Lisbon on 22 November 2013 - based on the song Caruso of Luciano Pavarotti - is also downloadable (4). The cartoons remain under the copyrights of the artist. (click on red to access the documents):

  1. Calender 2014-2015
  2. All cartoons in zip file
  3. AnNa publication cartoons Maritime Single Window
  4. AnNa ppt presentation cartoons MSW Summit 22/11/2013 in Lisbon 

The contributing artists were:

  • Anna Erlandsson (SE)
  • Len Munnik (NL) 
  • Hans Rijnen (NL) 
  • Ingram Pinn (UK) 
  • Boris Iaganis (SI) 
  • Rapphaëlle Vial (FR)   
  • Stefano Rolli (IT) 
  • Lecttr (BE) 
  • Spiros Derveniotis (GR) 
  • Rui Pimentel (PT) 
  • Andreea Dima (RO) 
  • IvailoTsvetkov (BG) 
  • Simone Philippou (CY) 
  • Juan Berrio (SP), and 
  • ArtaBalta (LV)

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