Measuring 2010/65/EU implementation

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How to identify the national solutions

A first attempt has been made to identify the actions of various countries to implement 2010/65/EU. The aspects being:

I. Electronic reporting per:

  1. eDoc
  2. Edifact
  3. XML
  4. Other

 II. Obtaining data via:

  1. Port Community System (PCS) 
  2. New Public portal GUI
  3. Existing public portal
  4. Shipping line
  5. Combination

 III. Reporting once per:

  1. Port
  2. Country
  3. EU

IV. Format of message  

  1. standard at national level,  
  2. stand ard at EU level,
  3. both

V. Addional national data (Annex C) are required:

  1. Yes
  2. No

VI. Interconnection of agencies is:

  1. Public domain
  2. Private domain
  3. Combination

VII. Responsible Ministry:

  1. Transport
  2. Finance (Customs)
  3. Defense
  4. Other

VIII. Hosting (Administrative and technical:

  1. Public 
  2. Private

IX. National solution (partly) is based on extension of:

  1. SSN
  2. eCustoms
  3. Newly developed system environment

X. MSW2MSW exchange is:

  1. Feasible
  2. Non feasible