AnNa Building Blocks MSW ready

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Between the 14 AnNa partners the MSW building blocks have been agreed.

Since October 2012, the AnNa working group on data harmonisation has developed and defined the minimum requirements that serve as building blocks to ensure the implementation implementation of the Maritime Single Windows according to the Directive 2010/65/EU. 

In September 2013, the results of the work have been consulted with all AnNa partners and also disseminated to the AnNa observers, and the European Commission services. Based on the comments obtained, revisions have been executed. The work was finalized on 8 October 2013.

The documents hereunder will feed into the AnNa Milestones 3 (Functional & Technical Requirements) and Milestone 5 (Interim Master Plan 2015).  The documemts are also important for the work on the AnNa pilot projects (Milestone 4 Pilot Projects Definition). The results are available to all.

  1. Introduction to final results
  2. Building Blocks MSW
  3. Message Definition B2MSW
  4. Business Rule Repository Template.

As an addition to the work executed 33 Leading Principles have been identified.

The comments received and being worked on in the final documents are identified in a Feedback Consolidation Document