2nd Pilot projects meeting successful

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From 26-28 September the 2nd Activity 2 meeting took place in Arkö (sweden). 11 AnNa partners and Croatia and Norway participated.

The meeting (chaired by SE) approved the leading principles (some details will still be revisited till 5 October). This was felt as a major step forward by all participants. It was proposed to call the 33 leading principles Guidelines, as they guide the various countries developing their tender specifications for 2010/65/EU implementation. The data elements documents were also approved, some small modifications. 

The meeting identified some 42 pilot projects to be executed by the 14 AnNa partners. Some pilot projects will be executed nationally. Fortunatedly many pilots will also be developed in collaboration between the countries. The pilots that will be further developed in collaboration are:

  1. GUI , (SE - chair -, SP, SL, CY, LV, GR and Norway) - the Swedish GUI will be further elaborated and made possibly fit for other countries. Start soon.
  2. M2M Reference Guide (NL - chair - SE, UK, BE and Norway) - developing a paper describing how GUI's (interfcaes) can connect and send data to MSW's. Start soon.
  3. Security (i.e data security) - SP - possibly chair - LV, SE, Be and CY) - data security issues. 
  4. Regular Shipping Services (RSS) - (Be - chair - SE, IT, SL and possibly FR) identifying to possibilities of RSS facilities. Start in 2014.
  5. MSW2MSW communication (LV - chair - all partners contribute). Start soon
  6. IMP Demonstrator - several AnNa partners participae in the EMSA IMP Demonstrator project, in time this might evolve into a project - Start when felt appropriate.

All participants were requested to fill in per project a pilot project factsheet before 4 October. This should not only describe the various pilot projects more in detail but also ndicate the expenditure per 3 months. Click for template here