Communication Plan approved

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On 5 September 2013, the AnNa consortium meeting approved the Communication Plan (Milestone 2)

The Communication Plan can be downloaded here. The Executive Summary of the Communication Plan reads as follow:

"Directive 2010/65/EU is a corner stone of the European e-Maritime policy initiative. The implementation of the Directive 2010/65/EU stagnates. Many complicated features are incorporated in the policy process. Many competing views are expressed. A semantics jungle has emerged. The policy process does not easily connect to the needs within the executive level. Technology can deliver based on an agreed (policy) design. Two different working areas have to be connected. This is a communication challenge.

The focus of the AnNa communication policy is interaction (two-way street) and commitment. It is important to commonly develop tangibility and achievable results. A shared view, based on which national solutions can be developed. A wide range of communication tools is available. The AnNa communication plan proposes some of them to be applied as brick stones. To commonly share views, relate and connect to each other and cross the bridge between policy and its execution, or the other way around."

The participants of the Consortium Meeting on 5 September 2013 united in Brussels (Rond Point Schuman).
In the center:  Phanthian Zuesongdham (DU), Heloisa Cid (PT), Miran Bordon (SL).
From left to richt: Deniss Bickoffs (LV), J├Ârgen Sjoholm (SE), Ronald van den Heuvel (NL), Mario Dogliani (IT), Jaime Luezas (SP), Agris Porins (LV), Roeland van Bockel (AnNA), Dominic Jarvis (AnNA), Joao Carvalho (PT), Salvatore Basilico (IT), Laurentiu Pricop (RO), Mikael Renz (Activity 2), Yves Maekelback (BE), Serge Doba (FR), Nicolov Gazia (BG), Simeon Belyovski (BG).