Activity 4 Successful 1st Meeting Consultation Panel

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On 25 July the first Consultation Panel with institutional stakeholders took place at the AnNa Office in Brussels.

Representatives from EHMC, WCO, CLECAT, WSC and ECSA participated. Also the EC partcipated. A list of Action Points was identified. A presentation on ANNA - its objectives, milestones, Activities - was given. The way how to achieve sustainable consulation was intensively discussed.

It was identified as a value added if a Stakeholders Position Document, identifying the various issues the institutional stakeholders would like to be covered within the ANNA project context, would be developed as an ANNA Milestone - input is most appreciated (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  On 31 July EMHC sent in their contribution regarding their expectations for the Anna project. This position is endorsed by council.

A very animated discussion took place. Also on the most effective answer to the question "What is a Maritime Single Window?" A suggestion for an answer was to describe a Maritime Single Window as a method:

  • to electronically receive the legally required information once regarding ships arriving and departing in their national seaport and
  •  to exchange this information to the various national competent authorities and other EU Member States.

The Summer provided an ideal opportunity to further connect and raise the glass to toast for a succesful co-operation.