Closer co-operation between EMSA and Working Group Data Harmonisation envisaged

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Germany, representing the Working Group of Member States for Data Mapping and Harmonisation, and EMSA met on 2 May 2013 in Lisbon. As a way forward the following  was agreed:
  1.  EMSA will adopt the results of the Working Group. The results will be integrated in the annex of the new version of the interim report of eMS Subgroup Data Mapping. Therefore, EMSA has hold the commenting process by correspondence on the interim report in the week of 29 April - 3 May.
  2. EMSA will forward the open issues / questions from the Working Group to DG MOVE and corresponding eMS Subgroups.
  3. EMSA welcomes further proposed results from the Working Group and will include them in their proposals to the eMS.
  4.  The working group will invite EMSA as observer to participate in next Working Group meetings (next meeting is 27 June 2013).
  5. Co-operation to successfully develop the requirements on National Single Windows.