Activity 1 - 5th Workshop Data Harmonisation

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The fifth Workshop took place on 23 April in Brussels.

Representatives of Italy, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands participated. All data elements, but cargo have been defined. Also a procedure to engage EMSA in the work was agreed on.

It was also discussed that the WCO Data Model could possibly be used as a reference data model; - a comparison with the draft ISO 28005 is proposed.


The following documents are available:

  1. Overview
  2. Set of Data Elements (A)
  3. Business Name Definition (B)
  4. Methodology (C)
  5. Concept Data Elements
    1. Voyage
    2. Class Persons
    3. Class Ships
    4. Security
    5. Health
    6. Waste
    7. Crew Effects
    8. Ship Store
    9. Data Class

General sequence on the Ship Reporting Formalities on Arrival: