Activity 1 - 3rd Workshop Data Harmonisation

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On 7 February 2013 the third workshop of the data harmonisation group of Activity 1 took place in the AnNa Office in Brussels.

During this third workshop the minimum data set was defined and the business definitions were paid attention to.  The work planning is as follows (point 1 and 2 are executed):

  1. Capture all data elements according to Directive 2010/65/EU (done)
  2. Identify minimum set of the data elements for the national maritime single window (done) 
  3. Standardize the name and definition of the data elements in the minimum set
  4. Standardize the message format of the data elements (including mapping to reference data model)
  5. Define classes of the data elements in the minimum set
  6. Create message structure according to the defined classes
  7. Create Common Data Model
  8. Define and apply business rules to the common data model


Representatives from the following countries participated in the third workshop: Bulgaria, Germany (chairperson), Italy, Netherlands and Sweden.

The documents can be accessed by clicking on  

The fourth workshop will take place on 19 March 2013 in Brussels. After this meeting the information will be widely disseminated. The information is also shared with EMSA and the eMS group.