New Timetable AnNa proposal preparations till 26 March

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As the EC has decided to postpone the submission date of the TEN-T/MoS 2012 Annual Call towards 26 March 2013 a new AnNa timetable for project proposal preparations has been drafted.

The delay of the original deadline means there will be 26 days more time to deliver a good AnNA project proposal. The deadline for implementation of the Directive 2010/65/EU is still 1 June 2015. Thus, there is not less work to do, only the timetable for project proposal preparations has been modified.


For the AnNa project proposal development the original deadlines have been postponed for a month and adapted as follows:

15 February 2013 - All possible participating partner countries should have informed the project coordinator on

  • the (maximum 5) Activities they want to be involved in
  • the pilots activities they pursue and the budget they require
  • their contact persons, including the commuter to fill in the eSubmission form 

28 February 2013 - All participating partner countries should have

  • filled in the A 2.1, A 2.2 and A2.4 forms
  • filled in the Financial Identification Form
  • obtained approval within their national administrations to participate as a partner

28 February 2013 - All countries and stakeholder organisations which want to become observer should have signed their letter of support within their own administrations and send it to the project coordinator  

15 March 2013 - All participating partner countries should have sent to the project coordinator:

  • their A2.1, A 2.2 and A2.4 forms to the project coordinator (also scanned and sent by email, please)
  • the Financial Identification Form (if participating as an EU Member State)

15 March 2013 -  All observer countries should have sent their Letter of Support to the project coordinator (also scanned and sent by email, please)

25 March 2013 - The project coordinator (The Netherlands) shall officially disseminate the project proposal to the EC.

The major difference of a partner country and an observer country is that:

  • the partner country will be eligible for EC co-financing (up to 50% for the AnNa project) and will execute the work (can be partly outsourced) 
  • the observer country cannot obtain money for participation - In general, the observer countries will be informed on the development of the project and receive invitations for meetings. They can also contribute to the work if they will feel like.

By all means, it is preferred countries will become partners. If this is not possible it is important that countries request the observer status. That allows all countries to be informed on the project developments and perform our project activities in an European (collaborative) spirit.   

Preparations - (state of play):

The draft project B2 will be constantly fine-tuned during the project preparation process. Most countries have contributed and provided the project coordinate with comments. A current draft project proposal is available within the eSubmission form. A new draft will be disseminated 1 february 2013. The final draft should be ready by 22 February 2013. (we aim to organize a Taskforce meeting between 18 - 21 February). After 22 February, we envisage the fine-tuning of the B2 project proposal can only relate to the budget and specific request of countries to participate in a specific Task/Activity.

On the 5 Activities:

  1. Masterplan 2015. Italy has confirmed its Activity leadership. The third Activity 1 meeting will be hosted at the AnNa Office in Brussels on 7 February. After this meetings the results will be disseminated to all for comments.
  2. The pilot projects. Sweden has reconfirmed its leadership. Several countries have sent in their proposals. These proposals are in the process of being integrated within the project proposal. On 6 or 8 February we intent to host an Activity 2 (pilots) meeting in Brussels (AnNa Office) to elaborate on what the various plans of countries, further identify possible pilot project opportunities and features and harmonisation issues. Everybody is invited.
  3. Masterplan 2015+. We are discussing with the UK and France on a possible leadership of this Activity which we intend to call Masterplan Extended Collaboration.  
  4. Consultation. Discussions with many countries are ongoing. Various stakeholder organisations have been requested to become observers and send us Letters of Support. Some connections have been established with potential new MoS projects and existing EU research projects. 
  5. Project management/dissemination: constant updates on the website and daily tweets: @AnNamsw

Most representatives of the countries in AnNa are actively engaged within their own administrations to figure out whether their Eu Member State can become a partner.