As you set out for Ithaca hope the voyage is a long one full of adventure, full of discovery

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The AnNa Final Event - Joint Final Event together with the B2MOS and WIDERMOS projects - on 3 and 4 December in Athens was a success. More than  200 participants. , During the Event, 14 AnNa partners and Norway presented 16 pilot demonstrations. These demonstrations will be made available soon at this website. The AnNa project coordinator presented the overall concept and results of the projects. AnNa Presentation Final Event

During the Event IMO, Italy and Netherlands offcial representatives expressed their interest to present the outcomes of the project to the global stage, i.e. IMO and WCO (World Customs Organisation). Not in the least to allow the global communicaty to benefit from the EU Member States and European Commission engagements to realise a sustainable Single Window development. The AnNa MIG shall be further maintained and developed by effotrs of different EU Member Sattes in the contect of a Focus Group of the WCO also closely connected to the IMO FAL Compendium.  

During the event AnNa organised a SINGLE WINDOW SUGGESTION PLATFORM (ICT, Maritime Transport and Logistics) requesting participants to share ideas  - What do we need? – Issues? – Projects? Measure? - 27 reactions were received. Under ths picture the results:

What do we need?:

  1. Communicate
  2. Disseminate
  3. Share
  4. Getting closer to each other to develop shared measures and make issue resolved
  5. EC be in control


  1. Shipmasters urgently ask for the single window concept to become reality in the near future . We are drowning in paperwork. CESMA
  2. Montenegro needs to start implementing Single Window
  3. One Single Window for EU???
  4. Harmonisation in Europe. make use of AnNa and the eMS SW building blocks!!


  1. Continue to work please
  2. Do not ignore best practise for (ICT) projects
  3. Compare and consolidate AnNa, B2MOS, Widermos 1 + 1 = 50
  4. We should work with the WiderMos findings .. WiderMos has needs of regulatory issues that must be provided by AnNa
  5. Maintain MIG + Evolve towards Trade Single Window + Address non EU countries
  6. Promote MSW2MSW and MIG, E-navigation and e-Administration


  1. ICT improvements
  2. A network of systems connected and sharing data
  3. Adaptive system
  4. Common language
  5. Remusing data
  6. Harmonize Datamodel
  7. Inclusive Datamodel!!
  8. Data format + Cloud + Big data = Less Measures --> Easy harmonisation 

General remarks: 

  1. As you set out for Ithaca hope the voyage is a long one full of adventure, full of discovery. The AnNa Greek Team
  2. The beginning has no end
  3. Not all those who wonder are lost
  4. Theory vs Practice ??