AnNa Master Plan 2015 presented to eMS

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On 27 October AnNa presented its draft Master plan 2015 to the 16th eMS meeting in Brussels

The presentation was delivered by the AnNa project coordinator and was well received. You can download the eMS AnNa Presentation. The Master Plan 2015 provides the esential building blocks for any country that wants to build a Maritime Single Window. The three deliverables of the eMS since 2012 - business rules, data elements and Giudelines - have been inrtegrated into the Master Plan 2015. Different from the eMS busines rules on data storage, the eMS the Master Plan identifies some major problems in many EU Member States developing data storage. In the period 2012-2015, it became apparant that many EU Member States are confronted with legal obstacles that do not allow many other data than SafeSeaNet data to be stored in a national MSW.  

The AnNa Master Plan 2015 elaborates on the various technical issues that need to be developed in the EU Member States. Goal: assist business to report more effective, simplified and thus in a more harmonised EU way. The Master Plan also focusses on the connections to be made between the EU Member States to allow the Directive 2010/65/EU to become operational and national MSW to become interconnected and evolve as a EU technical platform.  

The Master plan 2015 could be regarded as a  technical background document also to assist the EC in its efforts to develop a possible Single Window prototype, as planned in 2016. As the IMO is also actively engaged in developing MSW Guidelines the Master Plan 2015 might also serve the global maritime shipping community providing some essential MSW building blocks developed on the basis of a both-feet-on-the-groud approach.   

On 28 October 2015 the AnNa Consortium meeting approved the AnNa Master Plan 2015