AnNa Pilot Demos at Final Event 2015

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From Chaos to Interconnectivity. The 14 AnNa partner countries and Norway demonstrated 16 pilot projects at the Joint Final Event in Athens - 3 and 4 December 2015. 

The Demonstrations showed the state of the art technology developed in and between the AnNa partners countries to make electronic reporting formalities and reporting data only once feasible. It also demonstrates how the technologies developed adjust to existing national and European legacy systems and support EU harmonisation.


1. Belgium MSW interconnectivity - Demo of harmonized and integrated MSW IT pilot architecture based upon port community and middleware systems.

2. Bulgaria MSW data exchange - Demo interoperability of MSW pilot project with VTMIS, i.e. the access to the real procedures for ship calls and ship movements and the flow of the re-used data between these interfaces. 

3. Cyprus PCS - Demo of pilot project on the interactions between different stakeholders at PCS level, either by using structured messages or the PCS’s Graphical User Interface (GUI). For Cypriotic videos click HERE 

4. France Embedded module - Demo stand-alone Embedded Module pilot project, developed by the port of Marseille, that allows effective reporting and reuse of data on board of a vessel.

5. Greece MSW prototype - Demo scenarios of MSW prototype solution as based on the EMSA IMP (Integrated Maritime Policy) Demo project. For the Greek video click HERE

6. Italy System Interoperability - Demo Front, Mid and Back Office pilot projects and interconnection between various legacy systems, i.e. Coast Guard (PMIS) and Customs (AIDA).

7. Latvia MSW2MSW/MIG – Demo common AnNa MSW2MSW pilot project aimed at interconnection between different national MSWs, i.e. Latvia, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Portugal. For video click HERE :

8. Netherlands integrated M2M approach - Demo of national MSW test bed for optimal B2MSW supply chain solutions covering connecting systems of both public and private stakeholders.

9. Portugal MSW2EU Crew and Passenger List - Demo MSW pilot project that allows EU Crew and passenger list data to be received and exchanged between different authorities. For the Portuguese video click HERE

10. Spain Dueport MSW system - Demo real life submission of various declaration types through a GUI or with a MIG structured B2MSW message to a multilayer MSW system that connects to all ports and different authorities. The presentation were done as live demo, there videos in English. To acccess some videos (in Spanish) used for Shipping Agent training in Spain cleck HERE

11. Sweden NMSW2Gothenburg Port - Demo interconnectivity of MSW with a port, illustrating that MSW can reduce multiple reporting point when ports can directly receive information from the MSW.

12. Romania MSW quality and security platform- Demo various MSW platform issues (architecture, technologies, interfaces, etc.) and a movie, possible life demo, of its GUI. For the Romanian video click HERE

13. Slovenia Advanced features MSW – Demo GUI and various advanced MSW pilot project features. For video click HERE

14. United Kingdom NMSW - Demo MSW upgrade of an already existing system, Collaborative Business Portal (CBP), which is owned and operated by the UK Border Force.

15. AnNa Security Guidance - Italy will demonstrate the AnNa security compliance matrix that is designed to help MSW user verifying the implementation of security requirements.

16. AnNa Spreadsheet – Norway willdemonstrate common AnNa Spreadsheet pilot project solution for reporting bulky ship-to-shore data into a MSW.