AnNa Final Event 3 - 4 December 2015, Athens

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AnNa will present the major results of its work on 3 and 4 December in Athens.

Major questions :

  • Are we able to develop a common understanding – semantics – that allows interconnection between the various parties?
  • What are the technological issues to facilitate future proof implementation of the Reporting Formalities Directive (2010/65/EU)?

To answer these questions 14 AnNa EU Member State partners have developed and executed some 55 pilot projects in the period 2012-2015. Common pilots and national pilots. In a two day workshop during the conference called THEOGENIA: FROM CHAOS (ΧΑΟΣ) TO INTERCONNECTIVITY (ΔΙΑΣΥΝΔΕΣΙΜΟΤΗΤΑthe major outcomes of the Anna pilot projects will be demonstrated. 


The structure of the workshop will be a bit chaotic. Thee representatives of the various AnNa Member States will be located at different tables and they will show you their demos. They want to exchange insights and experiences with you.  

 The demos will cover the following features:

  1. Electronic Passenger and Crew list;
  2. Inclusion of the Customs in the Maritime Single Window (MSW);
  3. Connection between Port Community Systems and government Maritime Single Window;
  4. Extension of the national SafeSeaNet towards MSW applications;
  5. Graphical User Interface (GUI);
  6. Message Implementation Guide (MIG);
  7. Spreadsheet for reporting bulk data;
  8. Application of the EMSA IMP Demo for MSW purposes;
  9. Pro-active reporting of vessels;
  10. MSW2MSW data exchange.

Join us on 3 and 4 December 2015.  The event will be organised together with the B2MoS and WIDERMoS projects.

Let’s get IT done together. Register already at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.