Navigate the last AnNa project miles

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31 December 2015 is the final date of the AnNa project. Many things to do.

The AnNa actions relate to:

  1. Delivering a SW Master Plan 2015 - being the validation of the AnNa Interim Master Plan 2013.
  2. A final report on the Pilot projects, including per partners all their national pilot project results and the results of the common pilots
  3. A Master Plan Extended Collaboraruon - Project Book
  4. A report on Platform development within the various EU Member Satets - was interaction and involvement with the stakeholders established
  5. A final Event on 3 and 4 December in Athens, also showcasing demos from all participating countries.
  6. Financial reckoning of the project (Financial report).

To walk the last miles, many things to do for all partners: 

  1. Financial reporting on 2012-2013 and 2014 IFS - Action: now till 1 September 2015
  2. Filling in the list of 2010/65/EU data - reporting formalities - that have to be reported by business - Data requirements per countryAction: now till 15 September 2015
  3. Checking the draft Master Plan 2015. Action: From 3 September till 30 September (possibly the master Plan will be discussed in the eMS in October 2015
  4. Filling in the template of national pilot projects. Action: Now till 5 Octrober 2015.
  5. Reporting on common pilot projects (i.e. MSW2MSW, Spread sheet, MIG). Action: Now till 31 October 2015
  6. Contributing to the Master Plan Extended Collaboration - project book. Action: Now till 30 November 2015.
  7. Developing national demos. Action: Now till 15 November 2015
  8. Continuing national consultation. Action: Permanent
  9. Reporting on national consultation - Filling in Questionnaire - Action: Now till 15 September
  10. Presenting national demos in Final event on 3 and 4 December 2015 - Action: to prepare now
  11. Bookkeeping on all activities executed - Action: permanent