1 June horizon

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The implementation deadline for Directive 2010/65/EU is 1 June 2015. 

1 June 2015 is the date that has set many developments in Europe in actions for some years now. Within the context of the EU eMS meetings the three major deliverables are the business rules, a list of data elements and the Single Window Guidelines. In the EU Member States a lot of effort have been put into developing systems that allow electronic data reporting by business and to reuse these data within the public domain. Continuous efforts are ongoing allowing this to happen in Europe. National IT systems of different nature and purposes, managed by various national agencies and port systems, are being tailored to allow the reception of data in such a way that they can be reused according to the vision of Directive 2010/65/EU. 

On 1 June 2015 many countries will have implemented MSW solutions. In several countries a phased solution is foreseen. 1 June 2015 can be considered as the beginning of a period in which national systems shall be further tested and adapted to the needs of the markets. Feedback of industry is essential to allow the development of mature MSW solutions in Europe.

Within the context of the AnNa project, pilots project will continue to executed to improve, experiment and smoothen the function of the front, mid and back offices of the national MSW solutions. Harmonisation is key to the success of the MSW. For this purpose various AnNa Common pilot projects will continue to be improved, i.e. spreadsheets, MIG, and MSW2MSW.  

As electronic reporting will be possible in the EU on 1 June 2015, a window of opportunities to profit from all efforts is appearing on the horizon. Within the perspective of the AnNa project this will also relate to the work on possible future scenarios, ie. the Master Plan Extended Collaboration. The AnNa focus will remain on co-operation, bringing people together to make IT work for business as well as the public domain and putting much effort on constituting a deep sense of shared purpose: MSW matters.