AnNa elements of 2010/65/EU architecture

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The AnNa project presented its progress during the MoS Conference in Venice on 25 March.

In Venice, it was communicated that AnNa can be considered as instrumental in setting a pace towards developing a digital maritime architecture in the EU. Co-operation with many different parties in the 14 AnNa partner countries, including some observer countries is strived for. Also with other MoS projects, like B2MOS and WIDERMOS. AnNa is a project, assisting Member States, and holds no responsibility whatsoever concerning the implementation of Directive 2010/65/EU. Connectivity to business is elementary

Within the framewerk of the AnNa project the participating countries have:

  1. identified the market potential of advanced ICT developments
  2. developed technologies that allow logistic operators to connect to the national MSW
  3. started to assess and consult about the oportunity for standardisation of the developed system architecture products
  4. clearly identified the need for MSW development to connect to the Trade and Customs domain.

The building elements for 2010/65/EU architecture that are developed and applied in the various AnNa pilot projects are:

  1. Data model and data elements (AnNa Master Plan)
  2. GUI (AnNa Pilot)
  3. M2M 
  4. MIG (AnNA pilot)
  5. MS Excel Spread Sheet (AnNa pilot)
  6. Brokerage 
  7. XML
  9. Security (AnNa reserach).

In a graphic, the AnNa output is illustrated as follow:

In 2015 all AnNa pilot projects will be executed and a Master Plan 2015 will be consulted and released in Autumn. 

An additional important activity of the AnNa project this year will also be the Master Plan Extended Collaboration. In two phases a list of necessary measures - assisting to constitute a digital maritime agenda - and feasibility projects to sustainably execute these measures will be developed.