AnNa starts validating Master Plan 2015

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In the process to validate its Interim Master Plan 2015 AnNa has conducted a first security study and will start a working group on national and local data harmonisation - Directive 2010/65/EU, Annex 1, Part C.

The validation of the AnNa Master Plan is based on various actions to be conduted in 2015:

  1. Security Study - The security study started in May 2014 and concluded its first phase - Advanced Security study ( - in January 2015, based on approval of the AnNa Project Board and the AnNa Consortium, both meeting in Rome (28 and 29 January). A second phase is under construction till Summer 2015.
  2. Comments of the AnNa Peer Review Group (Deliverable 7) on the Interim Master Plan 2015 (Deliverables 3 and 5)
  3. eMS documents, including data elements - the EC proposal for Single Window Guidelines has not been approved by he EU Member States as yet
  4. The input of the AnNA partners on the eMS Questionnaire and the AnNa national Single Window Guidelines
  5. Pilot Global Features report (Deliverable 9)
  6. Common and national Pilot project
  7. Work to be executed in the newly established Working group harmonisation Reporting Formalities, Annex I, Part C

This working Group Harmonisation RFD Part C will:

  • Exemplarily investigate and develop a set of criteria which can be used for the assessment and inclusion of the data elements derived from the national legislation from each Member State
  • Develop a common ground and define a harmonized set of the data elements deriving from the national legislation of the Member States.
  • Develop a conceptual data model for the harmonized set of the data elements part C as a proposal to all EU Member States

See Terms of Reference Data Harmonisation Annex 1, Part C .  A first analysis will be made based on the outcome of the eMS Questionnaire and the AnNa national Single Window Guidelines.

Representatives of various EU Member States, the EC and industry are invited to join the working group. Please inform: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So far representatives of DE, SE, SI, IT, ES and PT have registered their participation.