Commissioner Bulc identifies need for Union Maritime Information and Exchange System to enter into Single Windows

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On 1 December 2014, nearly 15 years after the Erika disaster, the EC demonstrated the current capabilities of and ambitions for the EU Union Maritime Information and Exchange System.


EMSA has built the SafeSeaNet (SSN) with assistance of the EU Member States and many other stakeholder organisations. The last 6 years, a platform for wide range services has been developed. The EMSA Maritime Information and Exchange System emerged. Increasingly various services are being developed for different user groups, to understand what is happening at sea.


During the event, it was elaborated that the Union Maritime Information and Exchange System could substantially assist the development of an internal market for maritime transport, also overcoming current problems relating some Customs issues.


The EU Commissioner for Transport, Ms Violetta Bulc, congratulated EMSA and all contributors – an example of horizontal co-operation - on the results achieved so far. “This is a really good starting point for improving the internal market”, she said. She indicated that there is still a lot of potential. She explicitly mentioned the need for the system to enter into the Single Windows. “Therefore, the national Single Windows have to be operational by 1 June 2015.” She asked the EU Member States: “Please help us.”


Commissioner Bulc also identified the need to connect maritime transport with other transport modes, towards a seamless transport.   


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