AnNa Strategy Paper 2015+

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On 30 October, AnNa released its 8th Deliverable: Extended Collaboration Strategy Paper.

The Extended Collaboration Strategy paper elaborates on a common vision of the AnNa partner countries identifying several aspects that need elaboration. A modular concept MSW has been developed, allowing a fragmented approach towards the development of a Single Window in Europe, including the integration of the logistics chain into the SIngle Window (see illustration)


The report advocates the need for a harmonised approach requiring:

  • Harmonized standardisation activity - covering the various exchanges of data activities within a multitude of supply chain operations. The basis most likely being the need to identify where administrations can assist business process optimisation regarding reporting formalities
  • Collaboration between Administrations and between Business and Administrations
  • Policy integration – Information Society, TEN-T Policy objective (corridors) Maritime Policies, integrated Transport and customs policies.

The report identifies the need to appreciate the development of a MSW within the context of:

  • Scale
  • Organisation change management

The strategy paper identifies elements for a Road Map (Feuille de Route) to be elaborated in the Master Plan Extended Collaboration, being:

  1. Business related exchange of data processes
  2. Security
  3. Data Ownership
  4. Risk management
  5. Return of Investment
  6. Stakeholder commitment
  7. Hinterland connections
  8. Standardisation