AnNa presentation at 13th eMS meeting

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On 28 October AnNa presented two common pilot projects that structurally foster EU MSW harmonisation.

During the 13th eMS meeting, held in Lisbon, Mikael Renz (Swedisch Maritime Adminsitration, AnNa Activityleader 2 - pilot projects) and Jarle Hauge (Norwegian Coastal Administration, Kystverket) presented two examples of the commiment of AnNa partners and observers to foster EU harmonisation. During the 11th eMS meeting, Mikael Renz had already presented the common AnNa prilot GUI. More information on GUI:  

Mikael Renz presented the Message Implementation Guide (MIG) also explaining the need for a more institutionlised EU standardisation effort to make all work worth the while. A preview of a new AnNa comic explaining the essence of the MIG was presented. It was made clear 13 AnNa partners structurally support MIG developments, thus allowing EDIFACT and XML messages to be exchanged.  More information on MIG:

Jarle Hauge explained with life demos between the MSW of Norway, Sweden and Portugal how standardised Excel sheets, based on agreed data elements (AnNa and eMS) can be incorporated into the development of national Maritime Single Windows data exchange. To read more of the document on the Spreadsheet Common Pilot you can access the documentation:

The common pilot project welcomes new participants and enjoys sharing and learning from the various stakeholders.

With 3 common pilots and input into EC/EMSA efforts relating eMS data mapping report and SW Guidelines, the AnNa partners and observers are substantially fostering harmonisation as intended by Directive 2010/65/EU. In the pilot projects, they are putting a lot of effort in simplifying (reporting) life for business. This means covering Machine2Machine as well as manual reporting.  Data exchange between and within administrations is also structurally supported by work within the context of the AnNa project. More integration of the EMSA IMP Demonstrator within the AnNa pilot activities would be appreciated. It would create a win-win situation.