Successful AnNa Consortium Event Sofia

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The Bulgarian Port Infrastructure Company very effectively organized a successful AnNa Consortium event in Sofia - 30 September - 2 October 2014

The event consisted of 3 meetings: Project Board, Consortium and Activity 2. In total. 13 of the 14 AnNa countries were present, also Lithuania and Norway participated.

Next June, the national Single Windows should be established in the various EU Member States. Currently, within the Anna consortium a tender process is still underway in 6 countries. In approximately 4 of the 14 countries the actually building of a national MSW system is ongoing. Governance issues have not appeared in only 2 of the 14 countries. 

The circumstances to build such an important and complicated MSW infastructure are difficult. The idea expressed by the EC of using the SafeSeaNet (SSN) as the sole connector for all data exchange between countries - the EC interpretation of art 6 of Directive 2010/65/EU - is not supported by most participating AnNa countries; - it is considered a bridge too far and does not fit in the overall context and the essence of the work to be done. The focus of the MSW development should rather be to facilitate business and make the business processes simpler than the development of a  centralised EU public administration system. The importance of the Message Implementation Guide (MIG) - supported in 13 contries - was very much stressed during the meeting. This is a very complicated task to execute. A procedure to further develop and maintain this MIG should be established between EU member States, the EC and business. Preferably also in connection to the global business enevironment.  

Despite all problems, the AnNa work atmosphere is still positive and optimistic. Within most countries a considerable amount of work needs to be done. To allow the countries some more leverage, compared to the original AnNA project planning, the deadline for finalizing the AnNa pilots has been extended with three months, till May 15, 2015. Hopefully, this is sufficient for the countries to settle their MSW business. The UK has positively agreed to spend money on their pilots

During the meeting, the countries indicated they are going to spend as planned their money. The idea of an follow-up AnNa II in the current TEN-T Call was discused. It was agreed to focus on AnNa I, to deliver results, and identify a possible new small project for the current TEN-T call on governance and CBA relating the construction of (M)SW in the EU Member States. Based on the outcome of AnNa I a major proposal for next year's TEN-T call in 2015.