WIDERMos / AnNa Logistics Quality Partnership

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WIDERMoS and AnNa project managers agreed to develop a port-logistics quality partnership till End 2015. Goal: simplification.


The objective of the joint cooperation could be to develop a platform and a common position paper on simplification of business process after 2015. This could result in a catalogue of actions to simplify and/or harmonise formalities and interoperability along the logistic chain towards an integrated cargo management process with a particular focus on the corridor approach.


Preliminary identified topics are the following:

  • Maritime Single Window applications versus other EU policies and initiatives and customs policy goals, i.e. e-Freight agenda, TEN-T Core Network Corridors, Customs Code Networks,
  • potential measures for simplification, harmonisation and cooperation between authority sectors having a direct influence on the movement of goods, such as Customs, cross-border, health, sanitation, etc., including liaison with DG MOVE DG TAXUD and DG SANCO CONNECT / ENTERPRISE
  • relationship between trade facilitation, single window developments and corridor management,
  • hinterland connections to maritime single window applications and integration of various transport modes in one single window approach (logistic single window)
  • interconnectivity in ICT applications between transport modes and between ports
  • use of reporting formalities related data (which and how) in Corridor Platforms / B2B logistic single window
  • supply chain integration aspects and business case indicators
  • processes and systems architecture matching Anna / dir 65 compliant national systems architecture with WiderMos B2B corridor platforms (at least in the WiderMos ports/countries – Italy Spain Portugal)

This action would also fit into the AnNa Activity 3 on extended collaboration. Read and react please to  Final Draft Extended Collaboration Strategy Paper . Comments more than welcome (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).