MIG 1.0 version ready

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After 1 year intensive work, the AnNa working group Common Pilot Message Implementation Guide (MIG) has delivered its 1.0 version.

One of the key elements to realize an successful and harmonised implementation of Directive 2010/65/EU (Maritime Single Window - MSW) is the use of harmonised electronic messages and a harmonised data structure. In 2012 /2013, the AnNa project has developed its Interim Master Plan 2015, i.e. containing building blocks like a harmonised set of data elements (Annexes A and B) and a MSWData Model. The MIG - goal is to create a harmonised message structure - has been developed based on these building blocks.

The MSW Data Model uses the WCO data model for the exchange of information between Industry and Government. The WCO Data Model covers all aspects of B2A reporting obligations, allowing the exchange of XML and EDIFACT messages, and allows for easy adaptability to additional requirements.

In the MIG 1.0, the message,  which covers the exchange via EDIFACT and XML, from business to MSW (B2MSW) is based on, and mapped with the GOVCBR message of the WCO. 

The MIG 1.0 version consists of the following files:

Documents for the MSW2B (Response) messages are not included yet. These response messages will be further discussed between Member States later this year.

Next steps

The harmonised Message Implementation Guide (MIG), which covers the exchange via EDIFACT and XML, will be tested and validated at the level of the Member States. So far, the level of harmonisation is hindered by the fact that in Part C of the Annex of the Directive national legislations require additional national reporting formalities. If requested, EU Stakeholder organisations, or one or more of its members, could collaborate in testing and validating the harmonised Message Implementation Guide, which has already been developed in the pilot.