Exchange of data study

on .

An important new AnNa action is to investigate the national data exchange business processes.

This action will be done in the context of Activity 3. Activity 3 aims to find the best way towards extended collaboration within the supply chain, especially the connection between single window and logistics. Therefore it is necessary to identify what is really happening in the data flow management between Businesses and also between Business and Administration; - not between Administrations. The need for this work has been identified during the 7th AnNa Consortium meeting - 12 May 2014 in Paris.

Recently a small AnNa working group met and discussed how to do identify the . It was suggested 9 scenarios should be identified and studied. 7 scenarios should preferably cover 2 countries at the same time and 2 scenarios cover EU trade with EU neighboring countries. The AnNa partner countries are requested to select the scenario/chain (can be about exporting beer, chemicals, other products and should not only relate to maritime transport but the whole chain - as we aim to look how support extended collaboration). 

The Objective of the action is: To identify the exchange of data between actors in the supply chain in a representative way. 

The Questions that need to be answered are :

  • who sends
  • what data
  • to whom
  • when (timeline)
  • how (electronic and/or paper) and
  • why

The Outcome of the work should result in a description of a logistic chain relating:

  • Tasks
  • Roles
  • Data flows
  • Business Rules

The Issues that should be covered are:

  1. Customs
  2. Incoterms
  3. Type of goods (a. Container, b. Bulk)
  4. Pax
  5. Dangerous goods
  6. Perishables (phytosanitary, health)

The Result per country will be a report covering:

  • Description (3-5 pages)
  • Illustration of the flow (model)
  • Additional remarks 

The results per country will be bundled, compared, generalized and used as an input;

  • to validate the ongoing processes
  • to identify bottlenecks
  • to develop possible necessary steps towards a lean and mean organisations structure between Business and Administrations

 Work should be ready in September/October. Thus no time to loose and let’s talk how to do it and what supply chain to select.