Third Consortium Meeting Brussels

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The AnNa Consortium met for the third time on 11 December 2012 in Brussels, AnNa Office.

The major outcome of the discussions in Brussels  (16hrs00 - 19hrs20) are:

  1. The TEN-T/MoS 2012 Multi Annual Call is published - the AnNa project is likely to be successful when:
    1. all formal project proposal requirements (eligibility criteria) are fulfilled,
    2. as many as possible EU Member States participate,
    3. interested countries and (stakeholder) organisations support the AnNa Action requesting an Observer status (a draft letter has been prepared)
    4. the project shall act in close co-operation with the EC, i.e. support the work of the eMS group
    5. an easy to read and tangible summary of the work is included in the project description.

  2. The meeting support the outcome of the work of Activity 1 (minimum requirements). A formal discussion between all partners will start February 2013. Current documents are accessible in the log in area

  3. All possible participating EU Member States have to obtain a formal approval within their national administrations to participate

  4. All countries are requested to react on the B2 draft document (project proposal - in library) before 15 January 2013

  5. All (possible) participating EU Member States have to define the level of their involvement (including the budget) for each of the five identified AnNa activities before 15 January 2013:
    1. Minimum Requirements
    2. Pilots
    3. Masterplan 2015 plus
    4. Consultation (international, European and national/local)
    5. Project management (5.3 Auditing).

  6. Each EU Member State should identify one representative (TENtec Committer)  to fill in the TENtec Forms 2.1 - 2.4 

  7. All (possible) participating countries have to fill in their e Registration TENtec form (ECAS) before 1 february 2013

  8. The project coordinator will inform more in detail the countries how to fill in the eForms A2.1 - A2.4 (on the website a Q&A will be developed)

The minutes of the second Consortium meeting in Lisbon can be found here:

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