Successful meeting AnNA-EC-EMSA

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On 25 March a meeting was organised in Brussels, especially to talk about data harmonisation.

The meeting allowed exchange of information between EC (DG MOVE), AnNa representatives and EMS, important to stimulate the EC to provide the lacking technical specifications that currently seem to underpin the delivery of the systems that several EU Member States wish to put in place. A need was expressed to substantially facilitating the process of the data mapping (preparation to the work of the eMS subgroup on data mapping and 11th eMS meeting on 15 May). 

The major outcome AnNa-EC-EMSA discussion was an agreement on:

  • the list of data elements; 
  •  mandatory/optional/conditional fields;
  • business definitions; 
  • the responsibilities of the reporting parties (government and shipping industry);
  •  a description on how to use eMS subgroup data mapping in the NSW guideline;
  •  the need for legal improvement (possible deletion) on several data elements (not to be included in the work as a prepaparyion fo the 11th eMS meeting);
  •  the list of data elements serving as validation criteria for Dir 2010/65/EU implementation.

It was identified that the EC shall make a clear statement on handling cargo related to the 2010/65/EU implementation. The 0.6 version of NSW Guidelines makes it optional to include Customs related cargo, also ENS, in national MSW implementation.

The data for the next meeting of the Subgroup on data mapping is 14, 15 or 25 April. A document should be ready for dissemination to the EU Member States by 30 April. 

It was furthermore identified that participation of EMSA in the AnNA project could substantially benefit both EMSA and the AnNa project. 

On behalf of the AnNa project Phanthian Zuesongdham, Werner Brunet, Mario Dogliani, Jacco de Bruin and Roeland van Bockel participated.