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The MIG should result in a simplification and harmonisation of the administrative procedures. Join us:


In 2014, 6 Member States - Belgium, Netherlands (lead), Norway, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom - have develepod the first drafts of the European “Message Implementation Guide (MIG)” (common pilot 2).

  • WHY: The European Message Implementation Guide (EU-MIG) enables and facilitates the MSW messages between the maritime industry and the national MSWsystems via a machine-to-machine interface
  • HOW:The EU-MIG for MSW describes the structure of the Business to MSW (B2MSW) and Response (MSW2B-RESP) messages.
  • WHAT: The EU-MIG consists of a set of documents which is in total an extensive set of information.

 The EU-MIG 0.95 version consists of the following set of documents (access at

  1.  MIG_Maritime Single Window_v0.95_3_Section 1 (General) Document gives a general introduction about the EDIFACT message formatting, XML guidelines and the MSW
  2.  MIG_Maritiem Single Window_v0.95_3_Section 2 (B2MSW Datamodel) Document gives a functional description of the B2MSW message
  3.  MIG_Maritiem Single Window_v0.95_3_Section 2 (B2MSW XML) Document gives the XML schemas for the B2MSW message
  4.  MIG_Maritiem Single Window_v0.95_3_Section 2 (B2MSW EDIFACT) Document gives the EDIFACT mapping of the B2MSW on the GOVCBR
  5.  MIG_Maritiem Single Window_ v0.95_3_Section 3 (MSW2B-RESP Data model) Document gives a functional description of the MSW2B-RESP message
  6.  MIG_Maritiem Single Window_v0.95_3_Section 3 (MSW2B-RESP XML) Document gives the XML schemas for the MSW2B-RESP message
  7.  MIG_Maritiem Single Window_v0.95_3_Section 3 (MSW2B-RESP EDIFACT) Document gives the EDIFACT mapping of the MSW2B-RESP on the GOVCBR
  8.  MIG_Maritiem Single Window_v0.95_3_Section 4 (Appendices) Document gives a description of the rules and conditions as referred to in the Datamodel documents of the EU-MIG for MSW

NEXT PHASE: Consultation. The objective is to validate whether the EU-MIG, version 0.95,  contains the required information for implementation purposes and whether there are no large omissions or blocking issues in the defined messages.

The consultation should focus on:

  •  The validity of the concepts of B2MSW and MSW2B-RESP as described in document 1) chapter 6;
  •  Clarity of description of the EU-MIG for MSW, i.e. does it contain the required information (and explanations) to implement the B2MSW and MSW2B-RESP messages successfully;
  •  The check whether there are no large omissions or blocking issues in the defined messages or possible other obstructions in implementing the B2MSW and MSW2B-RESP messages in the Member States.

 The consultation should not focus on the naming, formats, definition, etc. of the data elements, nor the structuring of the B2MSW and MSW2B-RESP messages. This because the data set and structure of the B2MSW and MSW2B-RESP messages are based on the leading principles as established by the Member States of the AnNa project. 

Action requested

ll AnNa Member States and observers are invited to react on the draft EU MIG document(s). Please send your reaction before 7 April    using the Review Form - to the EU-MIG subactivity leader, Ronald van den Heuvel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Next steps and planning

After the consultation of AnNa Member States an updated version of the EU-MIG will be drafted and distributed to the AnNa observers from the maritime industry. After that the final EU-MIG document will be send to the AnNa Consortium (meeting in Romania) for approval.

24 March 2014:          Distribution of draft EU-MIG

7 April 2014:               Review by AnNa subgroup and other AnNa Member States

14 April 2014:             Distribution of concept EU-MIG

14 - 25 April 2014:      European consultation via AnNa (Activity 4)

14 - 25 April 2014:      National consultations

9 May 2014:                Delivery of final EU-MIG and proposal for ownership and maintenance of the EU-MIG

12 or 14 May 2014:     Meeting of ANNA subgroup for EU-MIG

                                    Go/no-go for EU-MIG or national MIG

27-28 May 2014:         Approval EU-MIG by AnNa partners - Activity 2 meeting (meeting in Romania)