The ANNA project runs from 2012 – end 2015, executing four major Activities:

1. Master Plan 2015 (2012-2014):

  • Minimum dataset, based on which the requirements of the EU Directive 2010/65/EU can be fulfilled nationally;
  • National scenarios and measures, and a mechanism for gauging national implementation.:

 2. Pilot projects (2012-2014) relating to

  • Front office - electronic data submission by the reporting parties;
  • Mid office - electronic data exchange between the national (internal) administrations;
  • Back office - electronic data exchange between the participating countries including existing exchange mechanisms (i.e. Safe Sea Net).

3. Master Plan Extended Collaboration(2013 - 2015):

  • A strategy connecting the (national) Maritime Single Windows to national logistics platforms, e-Freight developments and other EU or national initiatives;
  • Project identification.

4. Consultation and co-operation (2012-2015):

  • A platform for all stakeholders, i.e. to exchange knowledge, experience and interests and to connect to B2A projects, including the EC TEN-T Motorways of the Sea (MoS) ICT related projects MIELE, WIDERMoS and B2MoS.
  • Incorporating business approaches and solutions into the frameworks being developed in the ANNA Master Plans (2015 and 2015 beyond) on a EU-wide, national and possibly also international level